Jury's judgement

The judges decided to award first prize to the project entitled “Remodelling Work on Riera de la Salut” (San Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona) by Pol Femenias Ureña.

The panel valued in particular the solution provided for a large-scale problem through the creation of small ceramic pieces forming patterns that are repeated and laid out in such a way as to create urban elements like latticework or walls. These provide effective and individual solutions for a range of circumstances. An affordable element that offers creative solutions that add quality and value, enhancing a space within the city.

Interior Design
The judges decided to award first prize to “Casa Luz” (Cilleros), a project by Arquitectura-G (Jonathan Arnabat, Jordi Ayala-Bril, Aitor Fuentes and Igor Urdampilleta).

Their decision was swayed by the idea of inserting a new interior inside an existing building, creating an elegant yet simple architectural solution for the house. The sense of a quality setting is achieved through the highly specific and coherent use of ceramic tiles which generate a warm environment. Likewise, the sense of integration is the result of the combination of building systems and textures that create a sense of continuity with the existing architecture.


Degree project
First prize went to “Research Centre for the Promotion and Conservation of the Heritage of New Gourna (Luxor, Egypt)”, by Gohar Manrique San Pedro from the Madrid School of Architecture.

The panel valued the rigour, development and coherence of a project whose principal difficulty lay in creating a contextual language with the existing constructions, achieved through the use of structural and building systems based entirely on ceramic elements.

Special mention to “Remodelling of the Arnau Theatre in Barcelona”, by Laura Bonell Mas of the Barcelona School of Architecture.

In the judges’ opinion, one the key strengths of this project included the rigour of the proposal and the degree of development.