Jury's decision

The panel of judges appointed to decide the winners of the 19th Edition of the Tile of Spain Awards in the Architecture and Interior Design categories met online on 26th November 2020.  

Architecture category

The panel of judges reviewed the entries and drew up an initial shortlist of 9 projects: 

- “Conil Home Suite” by KAUH arquitectura y paisajismo.
- “The thickness of the void” by Pedro García Martínez.
- “Workshop house in Cabanyal” by Estudio Alberto Burgos y Teresa Carrau Carbonell.
- “Loop Inn Hostel” by Martín Lejárraga Oficina de Arquitectura.
- “Runnymede College Campus” by Rojo / Fernández-Shaw.
- “The Young Old House” by Enrique Espinosa & Lys Villalba.
- “Casa Ter” by Mesura.
- “Camp del Ferro Sports centre” by AIA Activitats Arquitectòniques / Barceló Balanzò Arquitectos / Gustau Gili Galfetti.
- “Life Cersuds” by Eduardo De Miguel and Enrique Fernández-Vivancos.

The judges awarded first prize in the Architecture category to the project Casa Ter by MESURA.

The jury praised the versatile use given to one single material, in positions and functions of all kinds, lending the project a discrete yet rich appeal. They also highlighted the reinterpretation of a traditional material in a context in which the home revitalizes the landscape and its surroundings.

The project entitled Runnymede College Campus by Rojo / Fernández-Shaw received a special mention.

The jury celebrated the fact that ceramic materials were not used as a classic covering, separating them from the line of the façade. They also appreciated how well the ceramic materials fitted in with other industrial ones.

A second special mention in the Architecture category was also awarded to the project The Young Old House by Enrique Espinosa & Lys Villalba.

The jury highlighted the bold new solution to country living that the project represents, taking a contemporary approach as opposed to a nostalgic one.  An audacious use of ceramic materials was made, applying the same rigorous refurbishment criteria used in large-scale projects to a local, rural building.

Interior Design category

The judges drew up an initial shortlist of 8 projects:

- “La Roca Camper Store” by Tomás Alonso.
- “Palma Hideaway” by Mariana de Delás.
- “Dánae” by P-M-A-A (Jaime Fernández, Adrián Jurado, Magdalena Barceló, Albert Guerra).
- “La Sastrería” by MASQUESPACIO.
- “Atlantis Gastrobar” by Arantxa Manrique Arquitectes.
- “Grow and Learn, an integral learning center" by Aitor Gutiérrez Sainz, César Jiménez Cerrada, Patricia Sanz Lacarra.
- “Es Pou” by Marià Castelló.
- “6 homes in Cabrera de Mar” by TWOBO Arquitectura.

The judges decided to award first prize in the Interior Design category to the project Atlantis Gastrobar by Arantxa Manrique Arquitectes.

The jury admired how ceramic materials were used as a star feature of the whole project. By taking advantage of ceramic tiles for this small space, a setting with a refreshing, timeless appeal was achieved.

The judges decided to award two special mentions in the Interior Design category to:

La Roca Camper Store by Tomás Alonso.

The jury highlighted the dual use given to ceramic tiles–physically to create volumes and as graphic symbols. This interplay creates a fascinating volumetric effect.

6 homes in Cabrera de Mar by TWOBO Arquitectura.

The jury took special note of how the ceramic tiles manage to bring the outside world into the home in a kind of migrational process. Through the tiles in the courtyard, an interior space is transformed into an urban one.

Final Degree Project category

In the Final Degree Project category the panel of judges* reviewed the entries and drew up an initial shortlist of 6 projects:

- “Twelve pieces of Málaga” by Mario Martínez Santoyo, Granada School of Architecture.
- “30 public housing in San Vicente de Paúl” by Cristóbal Galocha Valero, Sevilla School of Architecture.
- “Proposal for a centre for unaccompanied under-age immigrants” by Andrea Puebla Yubero, CEU San Pablo University Madrid.
- “Salam Bir” by Eduardo Casado López, Madrid School of Architecture.
- “Resin City”, de Juan García-Segovia Alarcón, Madrid School of Architecture.
- “Courtyards of water and olives” by Alba Jiménez Navas, Granada School of Architecture.

*Izaskun Chinchilla does not participate in the FDP deliberation since she has been a tutor of one of the candidates and she wants to ensure the objectivity of the decision. The jury accepts the proposal.

The judges decided to award first prize in the Final Degree Project category to a "proposal for a centre for unaccompanied under-age immigrants" by Andrea Puebla Yubero, from CEU San Pablo University in Madrid.

The jury was impressed by the invention of a new form of "impluvium", going one step beyond traditional Mediterranean impluvium courtyard homes. Not only have ceramic materials been used in a sensitive, well considered, imaginative way.  They are also an intrinsic part of the project and a fundamental factor in its expressive capacity.

The judges awarded two special mentions to:

Salam Bir” by Eduardo Casado López, from Madrid School of Architecture.

The jury praised his capacity to create a new world, in a utopic vision of reality that conjures up buildings from the past while also taking us forward into the future.  Ceramic materials play a prime role on all scales.

Courtyards of water and olives" by Alba Jiménez Navas, from Granada School of Architecture.

The jury praised the shift from an interior space to an exterior design concept with a strong scenic impact, using ceramic materials to lend it perspective.


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