1. Candidates
The competition is open to any person, entity or institution, either individually or as a team. They are required to submit their work in accordance with the terms and conditions given below. Submissions may be made either at the candidate’s own initiative or at the behest of the Awards’ promoters.

Professional architects, interior designers, architectural engineers, landscape designers and decorators of all nationalities can enter the Tile of Spain Awards.

2. Conditions of entry
When an entry is submitted, it must be entered in one of the following categories:

-  Architecture: New builds, renovations/refurbishments, the refurbishment of existing façades, work carried out as part of an outdoor urban redevelopment or landscape project. Submitted entries in the architecture category must use, for the formal part of the project, ceramic wall and/or floor coverings by Spanish companies members of ASCER/Tile of Spain (see list of companies and brands).

- Interior design: Projects in the interiors of new builds or refurbished/renovated spaces, and pop-up environmental or art installations. Submitted entries in the interior design category must use, for the formal part of the project, ceramic wall and/or floor coverings by Spanish companies members of ASCER (see list of companies and brands.

The use of the following types of products is not considered eligible for these Awards: clay building blocks, facing bricks, ceramic pavers, clay roof tiles, clay filler blocks, handcrafted or handmade products and cement mosaic tiles.

Prior to the admission of projects, on their receipt, a technical committee appointed by ASCER shall check that they comply with the requirements of the entry rules. Projects will be rejected if the used product does not belong to a brand or company affiliated to ASCER, if it is not the most widely featured product in the formal part of the project, if the requirements of the entry rules are not met, or if the required documents are not duly supplied. The committee's decision shall be final and no appeal may be made against it.

Once the projects have been submitted, following the above formality by the technical committee, the jury reserves the right to reclassify the entries in one of the two above categories.

Projects carried out both in Spain and in any other part of the world may be submitted.

The projects must have been completed between January 2022 and October 2024 and must be submitted to the Tile of Spain Awards for the first time.

By registering to enter the 23rd edition of the Tile of Spain Awards in Architecture and Interior Design, the entrant automatically accepts these entry rules and the jury's criterion–in addition to that of the technical committee appointed by ASCER when applicable–in the resolution of all matters relating to this edition of the Awards. The entrants shall accept the decisions taken by the technical committee and no appeal may be made against any such decision.

3. Submission of entries

The documents must all contain the name of the project for identification purposes, and must not include the name of the author (it must be anonymous).

To submit a project, follow these three easy steps:
1- Visit the web and fill in the registration form
2- Automatically, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a reference number and a link to We Transfer. Clicking on that link, you have to send all the required documents in a zip folder named by the title of the project.
3- Once we receive and download all the documents you have sent via we transfer, you will receive another email confirming its reception and its download.

Participants must enclose these documents in the zip folder:

- Building specifications. These must be sent in pdf/doc format. It must include a brief description of the project (maximum 600 words), clearly stating the type of ceramic tiles used (typology and format), the surface or space where it is used and the manufacturer’s brand name. This document must be duly identified with the project name.

- Brief CV of the architect/interior designer or studio including the full contact details (postal address, telephone and email).

- Pdf panels. A single – unprotected- pdf file containing between 5 and 8 DIN-A3 panels featuring high resolution photographs that show the finished project from various perspectives. The photographs must be of a size that guarantees they can be viewed correctly. It is indispensable to include images that clearly show the specific use of ceramic tiles in the project. In addition to the photographs, the panels may also include explanatory texts and detailed plans. The panels must be duly identified with the project name, but they will not include the name of the author to respect the anonymity.

- Plans. These must be sent in pdf/jpeg/tiff format and include the following: location, plot, general floor plans, elevations, sections, structure and building details. All plans must be in DIN-A3 format and be duly identified with the project name, but not that of the author.

- Images. A folder must be included containing all the project photographs in jpg/tiff and a 300 dpi resolution photograph of the authors. A maximum of 10 images will be accepted.

*We recommend preparing all the documents included in the zip folder before filling in the registration form to avoid any eventual error. The zip folder must size less than 2GB.

The technical committee will check all the projects and those which don’t compile the compulsory documents or don’t meet the requirements will receive an informative e-mail.

4. Awards
A first prize will be awarded to the author or authors in each category:
- Architecture: €15,000
- Interior design: €15,000

Each prize will be taxed in accordance with current legislation.

The panel of judges reserves the right to make up to two special mentions in either category to highlight those projects that stand out from others yet have not been declared winners.

The projects that receive the first prize and the special mentions will be published in the CERASPAÑA magazine and the special edition published to commemorate this activity, as well as being included in the award press dossiers and on the official competition website ( Likewise, they may be used for all other promotional activities organized by the Association, in each new edition of the book entitled Architectural Ceramics and in the various ASCER publications.

The panel of judges may shortlist as many finalists as it wishes in each category. A list of these projects will be included on the official competition website as well as in other publications related to the Awards.

5. Panel of judges
The panel of judges, who will abide by the competition rules, have this responsibilities:

- Judging the entries. The minutes must include a reasoned account of the judges’ decision, and each member may include individual reasons for their vote.

- The jury will act collectively, and the winner must obtain a majority of the votes
If any judge is also the author of a shortlisted work, they may take part in the voting for all entries except their own.

- The prize must be awarded and cannot be split between two entries.

- The judges may reclassify the entries.

- The judges’ decision is final in all instances.

6. Calendar and submission of entries

Documents must be sent in a zip folder by We Transfer to as it is stated in the point 3 of these rules.

Deadline is on October 17th at 23:59h.

You can contact ASCER for any queries addressing to the secretariat of Tile of Spain Awards:
ASCER (Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association)
Tel.: +34 964 72 72 00

The judges’ decision will be published on

7. Co-operation
All contestants agree to co-operate with the organization of the Tile of Spain Awards in Architecture and Interior Design (ASCER) and attend to any press and other media that wish to interview them or visit and photograph their projects.

No reproduction rights will be payable on any document submitted for the Awards and the information may be used for advertising purposes (in publications, exhibitions and the media)

8. Data protection
Participants are informed that the personal data collected will be processed by ASCER, with address at Ronda Circunvalación, 186, CP 12003 Castellón de la Plana, and will be treated with the purpose of the proper management of the communications, acts and publications of the Association and its associates with respect to third parties that, like you, are in contact with ASCER.

It is compulsory to complete the data collected, otherwise the application could not be answered.
You may exercise your right to access, rectification, limitation and deletion of data by writing to ASCER, Ronda Circunvalación, 186, CP 12003 Castellón de la Plana or accessing the following link: